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So, how can I go about finding jobs in IT?

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Here, you will find how to best leverage your skills to find the “right fit”. Finding the job just for you can be challenging, but this will leave you feeling comfortable about the types of jobs that fit you. Which is very IMPORTANT!

Top Four Career Readiness Competencies

What employers value –

  1. Critical thinking/Problem solving
  2. Professionalism/Work ethic
  3. Teamwork
  4. Communication skills

You should tailor your resume, cover letter, and interview conversation to highlight which of these skills you feel are your strengths. Below you will see a specific skill paired with a possible career in IT.

1 – Critical thinking/Problem solving

Job for you:

IT support analyst

What they do?

They start by addressing concerns throughout the company and finding the best changes to make to hardware, software, systems, applications, and more to keep the business running smoothly and error-free. In this position, you hone both your technical and problem solving skills to move on to positions like IT directors, IT managers, and IT specialists.

2 – Professionalism/Work ethic

Job for you:

Database administrator

What they do?

They need sharp skills in organizing, storing, and managing data as they usually babysit information hubs, test modifications, and drive optimization efforts. To start, the position requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or management information systems. But as you move up the ranks and take on higher positions in the field, you may need a master’s degree in business administration, with a concentration in information systems.

3 – Teamwork

Job for you:

IT trainer

What they do?

They instruct teams and other employees on using the technology and systems of the company. They also educate employees on new tech employers implement. The role requires both technical knowledge and teamwork skills. IT trainers work with a variety of people and teams, and they need to lead them all to success. They need to understand the challenges of the particular team and guide them to use tech in the best way to overcome them.

4 – Communication skills

Job for you:

Technical writer

What they do?

They write product descriptions, instructions, and documents that guideline best practices and standard operating protocols. They need to have a deep technical knowledge to write about products and technology in a way that is both accurate and easy to understand for those outside of the tech industry.

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