Common Millennial Misconceptions

Unfortunately, the Millennial Generation has developed a bad rap over the years, being surrounded by several false misconceptions and negative opinions. Individuals from other generations tend to feel that Millennials constantly need to be taken care of and guided in the right direction. However, there is little to no proof that supports these misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding the Millennials.

They Always Have Their Heads In Their Phones

We’ve all heard this one before. Probably the most common misconception about Millennials is that their heads are always stuck looking at their phones. Though this may be true about some specific individuals in the Millennial Generation, it certainly can not be said about the generation as a whole. According to the results of a study performed by Bentley University, 51% of Millennials prefer to talk with coworkers in person, 19% prefer to communicate via email, and only 14% by texting. These results from the study just go to show that Millennials are not constantly on their phones, and that we can not expect one individual to represent the entire Millennial Generation.

They Won’t Last A Whole Year At That Company

Another common misconception about Millennials is that they are constantly switching jobs, or job hopping, and cannot just stay put at the same company. However, this misconception also does not have any truth behind it. More and more Millennials are claiming to be looking to “settle down,” meaning getting married and buying a house. Despite what the common individual thinks, Millennials are actually more likely to stay at the same company, as opposed to a more established individual.