Combatting Millennial Stereotypes

Acceptance is the first step

Now that the weaknesses have been brought to your attention, it’s time to talk about how to move past it, and make improvements to be a more efficient employee. According to TIME magazine, “When asked whether they need to build their strengths or fix their weaknesses in order to succeed professionally, 73% of Gen Y respondents choose to focus on their weaknesses — a much higher proportion than older generations.” Millennials want to improve and that is where the need for feedback comes in as well.

Work Smarter

It is a common stereotype that all millennials are lazy and unmotivated in the workplace. However, Jason Wong states that “…while millennials on average report working less weekly hours than their older counterparts, that statistic does not indicate that technology has changed the way people can work.” Millennials are very tech-savvy and this can be used as an advantage at work. Growing up in a technologically advancing world give millennials a leg-up in the office. Meghan Biro, of Forbes Magazine said “Our [Millennial’s] tech and digital skills will help us deal with a world that is more global, diverse, and fast-changing than ever before.

Ultimately working to make improvements on the visible weaknesses will help to fight against several of the other negative stereotypes that are out there concerning millennials. Employers will notice you making the extra effort to show what you are capable of.