Best Places To Work

Defining the best companies to work for in the field of IT and data analysis is difficult because almost all companies have these positions available and the scope of business can vary greatly for each company. What is defined as the best also varies from person to person and company to company. There are so many companies out there that excel by doing many different things so it is hard to compare on who is the best. However, we picked several examples of companies that have IT and data analysis positions, who do great things within their business and beyond.

Benefits & Corporate Culture

  • Among the top chosen places to work by Millennials, Google ranks as number 1 according to a survey performed by Business News Daily. Google allows its employers with a flexible work schedule to have more freedom when choosing their hours, and also offers a very collaborative work environment where everyone’s opinions are welcomed.
  • Based off of compensation and benefits Intuit is listed as one of the top companies to work for from Glassdoor. This company pays a high salary for entry-level positions and there are above average benefits regarding vacation time, insurance, and maternity leave. The corporate culture is rated highly as people claim that they are proud to work there and that the culture fosters care for each and every employee.
  • Baird. This company is known for their “NO Asshole Policy”. Not only do they have a great corporate culture, head management supports the leveling up of IT. If that’s not enough, they have been of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For 13 consecutive years.

Sustainability and Environment

  • As a software company, Adobe Systems Inc is the perfect example of a company whose primary business is focused around IT and data analysis. This company has also been ranked as one of the top environmentally friendly companies. They focus their efforts on striving for sustainability through innovation of technologies and methods that will help conserve our planet and its resources.
  • World Wide Technology, Inc is a technology company that helps numerous large and small organizations implement technology effectively and efficiently. This company has a large global presence with over 40 locations around the world. They were named #12 of Fortune’s 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials and have an outstanding commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Hitachi Data Systems is ruled by what it dubs the Hitachi Spirit. The company offers a great working environment which includes access to flexible work arrangements and the ability to work remotely. One employee was quoted saying, “It’s a very team-based environment where no one goes into the battle alone.”


  • Voya, a financial, retirement, investment, and insurance company ranked a perfect score on the corporate equality index in relation to sexual identity for the 11th consecutive year. This company really prides themselves in this and equality in other areas because it fosters a safe and welcoming work environment.
  • Liquidnet has a very unique corporate structure that is built on the value of equality. They are a global institutional marketplace that values having employees from all backgrounds from all over the world contributing their ideas to make the company a better place. They live by the idea of “rethinking traditional titles,” reducing hierarchies within the workplace.

Community Involvement

  • Quicken Loans, a mortgage lending company, has been listed in Fortune’s top places to work list several years running. Along with having a strong corporate culture, Quicken Loans is very involved in the community. In 2015 alone, they donated over $16 million and over 100,000 volunteer hours to various causes. They focus on making the community a better place through activities such as planting trees, non-profit involvement, and cleaning the city.
  • Credit Acceptance is an auto financing company who is incredibly involved in a large variety of causes within the community. They care very much about the causes their employees are aligned with so they have become involved in very different causes. They have taken part in donating blood, food, toys, time, etc. to various groups in need.