911: Don’t Fear, IT is Here



Sir, what seems to be the issue? Hi, thank God you are there, but I can’t seem to turn on my computer. I pressed the, you know, power button and it still won’t boot up for some reason. That’s interesting, try pressing it a little harder and see if that works.

OKAY…It worked!

Thank you so much, you are a life saver.


IT to the Rescue

Above I illustrate an extreme example of how a company’s IT department can come to the rescue. Big problems or small, having someone knowledgeable in technology provides huge value to employers. Some might say competitive advantage, and I would have to agree.

You should too

Yes you.


Simple. Paul Purcell. Who? Yeah, it’s time for a story.

So, here I am at my Intern Welcome Event. Up next on the agenda is Paul Purcell, Chairman of the Board at Baird – a financial services firm. Like you are probably thinking, I was thinking that he would address us with heavy financial material.

He did, but he also shared something that sparked my interest in IT. Or more formally Information Technology.

Mr. Purcell spoke of a parallel between IT and company growth. He sees so much of a parallel that the company plans to increase their dollars on it.

This comment was much to the delight of the few IT interns we had in the building.

Important Element Moving Forward

Technology is becoming more and more important to the workplace. It’s ever evolving and its increase in scope and scale is inevitable.

In an article on the site CIO.com – a website that delivers the latest news, analysis, video, blogs, tips and research for techies and IT professionals –  the author states that “Over the past year, there has been a major increase in the number of open job postings for support specialists: Approximately 39,000 job postings in Q1 2015 vs approximately 48,000 job postings in Q1 2016, according to CompTIA’s IT Jobs Snapshot for Q1 2016. While not every job posting translates to a hire, the data does suggest increasing job market demand for this role.”

That is good news for those of you out there looking to fill these unfilled help desk jobs. Some of you might be thinking ‘help desk jobs’, I am way more qualified that. But think again, as today these jobs offer very complex work and they are mostly important in high demand.

I don’t know how many out there are economically adept, but one of the major, yet simple ideas of economics is this beauty of Supply and Demand. You are absolutely right, when there is high demand, that means there is a need for a high supply.


Some of you out there reading this just might be the supply necessary.

Personal Anecdote

Thought I’d throw in yet another personal story. Don’t worry, this one is much more practical.

So, as you might have already put two and two together, I am currently interning a company called Baird in their Private Wealth Management Department. If I can recall correctly on day one, possibly was day two, I had already had multiple talks with our IT department.

By talks I mean I needed help of some sort.

I’ll tell you, the convenience of dialing “XXXX” on the Hotline is not only a time saver but also saves me from a headache. So I guess you can say it saves me two-fold.

Everyday, or every other day I find myself calling IT.

Boss…CRM is not functioning properly on my computer, do you know how to fix this. No, but why don’t you give IT a call. I call them and they fix the problem in a short fashion.

It’s amazing!

I just remember the days when I did not know how to do something with my technology and it would take me two to three hours just to find the right information to figure out. Now with the assistance of an IT professional at the dial of a few numbers, I can get help right away.

Time is Money

As they say in business ‘time is money’.

Having a great Information Technology support system provides huge efficiency to a business.

Read this excerpt taken from another article on CIO.com:

“It’s tough to find the right IT skills you need when you need them. When a technology is on the cutting edge, few people have experience with it, and competition for them is intense. Over time, more workers pick up the skills—but by then, the IT world has moved on to the next big thing. Along the way, projects languish and companies miss out on lucrative opportunities.”

The growth for help desk jobs is being driven by the constant evolution of technology and greater skill demands.

As an extreme example, consider a Baird investment banker who is having an issue with a platform that connects he/she directly with his/her clients and it takes a day to fix by his/herself. The deal needs to be made by the end of the day today but the banker can’t figure out the issue. The company now loses out on a half a billion dollar deal.

Now consider this. This same task would maybe take an hour for a knowledgeable IT specialists. This would allow the banker to complete the task necessary to close the deal.

GET IT: Time is money. I don’t know about you but I could use an extra half a billion dollars.

Tim Duffy, author of the above article, shares, “Not filling IT jobs in a timely fashion has serious consequences. In the Information Week survey, 79% of the large-company respondents said they had to delay IT projects for lack of people. Worse yet, 48% said staffing shortages resulted in poor-quality work, and 33% said they caused the company to miss revenue opportunities.”

SIMPLY PUT: That’s not good.


They need you.

In a statement made by Steve Ehlmann, a county executive, “Some of the best wage rates – from entry level to management – are earned by dedicated and well-trained workers in the growing information technology sector.”


Technology is not slowing down and the workforce can use you talented IT individuals.

Don’t be shy and put those skills to use.