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We have created this site specifically for Millennials who are looking to further their understanding of the IT Industry. Whether you have been in the workforce for a few years now or are still in the process of earning your degree, we hope to provide you with all the necessary information to be a successful individual. This site is very important to all of us, as we all have an interest in learning about what it takes to work in the quickly growing and highly competitive IT Industry, as well as how to avoid playing into the common Millennial stereotypes, and then sharing that information with you all.



Hi there! My name’s Heidi and I am currently majoring in Business Administration with emphases in Marketing and Accounting, and minoring in Technology, Arts and Media (TAM) at the University of Colorado Boulder. I am personally very excited for this site, as it will allow me the opportunity to better understand the Millennial stereotypes and how to be aware of them when searching for jobs after college.


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Hi, it’s Lia here! I am a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder, majoring in Business Administration with emphases in Marketing and Finance, and minoring in Spanish. I am personally invested in the topic addressed on this site because I feel that the field of IT and data analysis is critical to all businesses and the competitive world as it applies to millennials today.


12493901_1142437129099631_3972454254463762798_oHello, I’m Gabriella! I’m working towards a double degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Operations Management, and Psychology at the University of Colorado Boulder. I am interested in the topic of this site because I’ve learned so much about how important Information Technology and big data are to any company, big or small. As a millennial hoping to enter the business world when I graduate in 2018 I want to be better informed and prepared for the difficulties that come with being a millennial in the workplace.



What’s up! My name is Michael. I attend the University of Colorado Boulder where I study Finance at the Leeds School of Business. If you have not heard, technology is becoming more and more important to the workplace. At a recent visit to one of the more successful financial firms, the long-time Chairman echoed this sentiment. My challenge to you is by the time you leave this site you are well-informed on this growing space.